Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday Forecast: Suicidal Kids?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of wandering around Mervins for about oh... a half hour for reasons I will not post*!

Because it was Sunday, of course I didn't buy anything. But I wandered around a lot. I was actually thinking about all the things I had been seeing recently in my life. For instance, I've been finding out what fashion is, and what it isn't. Knock offs definately aren't.

I also got to thinking about how much crap we buy that really isn't necessary. Half the stuff sold there-- wait. All the stuff sold there is pretty much uneeded. First off, womens clothes that look like that should not be sold anywhere, because it usually ends up being worn by women like this. They should encourage these women to wear things that... Um... accentuate their curves. Not just make them look... Bigger**. Second of all, I noticed there were a lot of... um... my kind there. See ghetto.

Either way, I was wandering around upstairs, looking to see how cool I would dress a kid of my own. As I was taking a promenade through the boys section, I happened to see this:

It seems as though one of the kids couldn't take the atmosphere of their friendly neighborhood Mervins and jumped off one of the racks. Of course, the reason why the kid is so flat is because the force of the impact made him go "splat". And, his feet and hands sort of popped off his body. I found those in the lingerie and girls section of the store.

What a sad, sorry little man...

*Two of the guys in my life decided either not to answer their phone, or to be busy. It was one of their hairbrained ideas anyway... and partly the others! But I won't post their names... *cough*Ali*cough*JJ*cough*
**I can kidd because I come from a family of obscenly obese people. Let's not get into that, though, because I don't look forward to it.


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