Monday, June 05, 2006

Cheeto Ecstasy

After leaving a bag of Cheetos on my desk last night, I came back to pick them up this afternoon, only to find that I had left two in the bag. To not waste them, I decided to eat those two Cheetos.
The first was suprising, for while placing the orange puff between my teeth, the food piece almost immediately deflated, with some resistance. The sound that came from the piece was almost that of the muffled wheeze when taking the cap off of the entrance to the gas tank of a vehicle. It felt, if you can imagine, almost as it sounded. Even after biting it, the puff stayed whole, requiring some griding of molars, and finally I swallowed.
I repeated this process with the second Cheeto, and realized that never again would I encounter two Cheetos quite like those. Their texture, taste, and smell may liken unto their comrades that previously inhabited the bag. However, the experience was one that is not so easily granted, nor forgotten.

And this, my fair comrades, is a compilation of my thoughts as of this moment.

If the reader thinks that this account is eerie, one should inquire about my thoughts on stale Frosted Flakes...

Until next entry. :)


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