Thursday, July 27, 2006

There IS a God...

Wow. Today I got exactly what I need. And apparently last night, since I was saved by an angel.

First off, I got a very pleasant call from a very good friend. And you know what? It wasn't even the fact that the only reason they called was to get a ticket number for a class I'm taking too. That was just an extreme plus that I'm not entirely sure is going to follow through. Either way, it was the fact that they CALLED! I thought I was about to explode off of my chair the moment I saw a familliar number show up on the screen on my cell phone.*

And then! I had waaay too much sugar today, what with the daily consumption of Pop Tarts. I was feeling all sugared out, wishing I had some money in my account to actually buy something of semi-nutritional value, when two kind smiling door to door representatives decided to share their wealth with the office. They left two hot, steaming bowls of nuggets on my desk, in exchange for me promising them that, "Yeah, sure, I'll distribute your coupons throughout the office, just give me the dang nuggets**!"

And now! I have two rather unique websites to introduce. Visit them... OR DIE!

Houseplant Picture Studio

*Wow. The fact that I let my cell phone determine my mood for the day is nothing to be proud of. It's scary how the world as we know it today allows and encourages things like this. But that's another journal...

**When will we be able to answer that question that has forever been stumping mankind since the beginning of time: Where is the nugget on a chicken?

***I'm going through her whole archive just to catch up with her life... This is fun reading material! It's made me laugh like a little school girl. Wait... That hits a little too close to home...


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