Saturday, January 21, 2006

Transworld Media!

As I progress throughout my life, there are special things that happen to me. Things such as... GETTING A JOB! Haha. But with a job, responsibilities follow, such as dealing with... I don't want to call them stupid people, but no other word seems to describe them better. Perhaps ignorant?

Either way, a woman called the other day, and the conversation goes as follows:

Me: "Transworld Media?"

Woman: "Hi, yes, I've been a subscriber to your magazine for quite some time now. I've also been a rider (motorcycle) for about thirty years. And I just wanted to say that I've never ridden a motorcycle in a bikini. Just thought I'd let you know."

And then she hung up.

Um... Okay! I've never done that either! Thanks for sharing. And kudos on not being open enough to try it.

I say, if the magazine offends you, don't subscribe to it! It's your money, take it to where you'll be happy. Goodness sake.