Friday, December 15, 2006

Ah the Craziness of Everything

The past couple of weeks I've been taking random days off to study for finals and just freaking catch up with my life. *looks as it runs away*

I had cleaned out my room, did my laundry, and after conquering territory that I have marked and claimed as mine, I decided to turn imperialist and venture forth to unknown and alien territory: the Living Room.

That's right, I have attempted the impossible. To clean a room other than my own. A scary enough thought on its own, but to actually follow through with said cleaning... quite a hectic ordeal.

However, the only reason why I wished to make an effort to clean the living room was because I saw how sad our little Christmas tree was...

I felt bad because it seemed to be suffocating in the filth left by the people who tend to inhabit the house. So I began cleaning.

We also have a huge bean bag that just sits there in the living room that we got from a garage sale. I decided to put it in my brother's room because its already messy, and he's the one that uses it the most. After finishing organizing most of the living room besides my brother's mess and some papers, my brother comes home and I try to get him to clean up his mess that I so *nicely put in a pile. He tries to get out of it with, "But I need to do homework..." "It wasn't my idea to clean the living room," and other such things.

He them commences to run to his room and affix himself to his computer, as he does every night. I give him a few minutes to himself, continue to clean the living room, but finally it's mostly just his mess that needs to be cleaned up. So I go to his room and stand in his doorway, asking him nicely to clean his mess up.

He peels his eyes off the computer long enough to look and me and protest a bit, then turns his head a little farther to see that I'd left the bean bag in his room.

"Hey!" he proclaims, and starts to complain about the bean bag being in his room. At this point I can't help but laugh. It's a miracle (or just on account of sheer oblivion) that he hadn't seen the huge black bag of beans smack dab in the middle of his room.

Honestly... What is our world coming to? It's almost exactly as though he didn't see the big pink elephant standing in the middle of the room. Perhaps the children and newer generations are a HUGE representation of how corrupt this culture has become. Heck, I could be right along side them, representing something that I have no idea about, and will continue to keep that ignorance until the day I die. It reminds me of... I believe it was a Pendulum song, Another Planet. They recorded a woman saying, "There eyes were open. But still, they were blind."

Makes you wonder what we haven't been **seeing.

*Hey, my brother needs to learn responsibility for his actions. He can't just go throwing his stuff in rooms that aren't his! And I'm very adamant about that.

**Not to go all M. Knight Shyamalan in this post, but what if those with a sixth sense are actually those who are NOT blind? Haley Joel Osmand seems to know what he's talking about in every movie he's in.