Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happiest Place on Earth... Maybe?

On Friday I took off work early to go flying. But the flight instructor couldn't make it, so I ended up going to Disneyland instead.

I'm really quite okay with this, actually. I hadn't been there for a long time. But just watching people... It made me laugh. When you get there, you find a variety of people walking past you, around you, and just plain existing in the presence of D-Land.

You've got the goth. These people tend to like hanging out at D-Land, especially after that whole Nitemare Before Christmas thing... Talk about a *nitemare before adulthood.

And you've got the subvariety of goth, the emo. These giggle inducing peeps usually have tight pants and one eye. If they're a guy, girls go CRAZY over them. If they're a girl, then hopefully she's actually supposed to be able to fit in those pants. But more often than not, she can't.

Then, we have the tourists. A lot of these short wearing, backpack toting people have one thing on their minds: to get as much fun out of this as they can. However, there are several people that come over from the Orient to have some fun. I can vouche for this, because I gave a day long tour to some 10 or so Japanese foreign exchange students and teachers last school year. It was definately an experience to remember, and they won't let anything get them down. Maybe it's their heritage, or the culture they grew up in, but they just plowed right through the entire trip, getting as many pictures and **chances to go on rides as they could.

And you've got the regulars. These are usually two different kinds of pass carriers. The families, and the singles. The singles are just teens+ going to D-Land because either their parents dropped them off and left D-Land to babysit them, because it happens to be the happiest, and safest place on earth, or they're teens that have nothing better to do and just want to hang out. However, they can also fall into the Goth group.

With the family regulars... The adults are fanny pack carrying zombies who are only concerned with getting in and getting out in one piece with as many kids as they came with. Sometimes it doesn't even matter who's kids, as long as they still have 5 with them. And the kids... oh the kids. They act as though our legs are just trunks of trees in the jungle of life. They dodge, cut, and trip us just to get where we're going. But they're the warners. They're the ones that let us know the fanny pack zombies are coming right behind us. In that case, get out of the way! If the adults have to spend more wasted minutes trying to find their kid, they're going to be angry tonight...

I think that Disneyland has a special power. Maybe it should be it's own country, even. But the Disney magic everyone talks about... I think it's just the ability to make us tired as soon as we step off that tram, or monorail. It wants to turn us all into fannypack carrying zombies, attracted to the smell of stale popcorn and churros. And maybe, just maybe, we'll all start paying a Disney tax, specifically. You never know how much power one theme park could have on the government!

*Once again, before anyone judges, I have many good friends that are Goth... Heck, I almost used to be one in high school.
**They also tried root beer for the first time. Usually, they only serve Pepsi (pepushi) in Japan. When the tried my root beer, they wrinkled their cute little noses in disgust at how sweet it was. Go figure. It's one of my personal favorites...